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ASP Night Star LED Flash Light Combo Kit
SALE $125.00
LED High Low Beam Head Lights
High and low beam all in one LED head light set. LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) are light sources utilizing diodes that emit light when connected in a circuit. Unlike the older HID lighting that uses a capsule of gas. LEDs donít have a filament to burn out or break; therefore, they last much longer and provide a clean white look.
ASP Night Star LED Flash Light Combo Kit
Night Star LED Flash Light & Charger
Our Night Star brand LED flash light has a sturdy aluminum frame with textured grips, a clip to slip onto jean pockets, and an easy one finger rubber push on/off button on the back. Also includes a rechargeable battery and battery charger and a magnetically closed storage box.
1157 white yellow led
LED 1157 W/Y Set
Night Star brand set of 2 1157 LED bulbs with 60SMD yellow white in color.
Fender Washer Set by ASP Headers
ASP Fender Washer Set
ASP Headers fender washers give a clean look to your engine bay by filling in those ugly holes and also server a perpose to reduce vibration.
Rear Bumper Diffuser
ASP Rear Bumper Diffuser
ASP Rear Bumper Diffuser powder coated black for Honda Civic 92'-00'. Comes with all stainless steel hardware.
ASP Bumper Diffuser
ASP 2 Piece Rear Bumper Diffuser
Fits Honda CRX, & Acura RSX rear bumpers. All 304 stainless steel flat head counter sunk screws, ny lock nuts, & flat washers.
Blox shifter knob
BLOX 490 Spherical Shift Knob - Platinum
BLOX 490 spherical shift knob in Platinum. Part number: BXAC-00240-GM. Limited Series 10 x 1.5mm thread for Acura, Honda.

nylon hose
Stainless Weaved Nylon Braided Fuel Line Hose
Nylon stainless steel weave braided fuel line hose in multiple colors and sizes.
304 stainless steel flex pipe
Flex Pipe
Stainless steel flex pipe 3" diameter x 4" length


Stainless Steel o2 Bung
Stainless 02 Bung
O2 Sensor Bung in stainless.


stainless transition
Reverse Cone Transition
304 stainless steel 16 ga transition.

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